Get Immediate Relief During Punta Gorda Dental Emergencies

If you or your family members ever experience dental emergencies in Punta Gorda, call us at 941-585-0424 right away. One of our trusted dentists will see you the same day if possible or within the next 24 hours.

You may be in pain from a broken tooth, knocked-out tooth, or a nasty toothache. At Smiles of Punta Gorda, we can:

  • Painlessly apply anesthesia to numb the affected area
  • Quickly relieve your pain and begin fixing your smile
  • Provide oral sedation to help you relax and ensure you feel no further discomfort

Please don’t hesitate to let us care for your teeth ASAP. Call us now at 941-585-0424, and you can feel better soon! We’re located at 100 Madrid Blvd., Unit 414.

We Treat Many Types of Dental Emergencies to Keep Your Smile Intact

We have years of experience dealing with emergencies, from damaged teeth due to trauma to pain from toothaches. Here are a few common situations we can treat for you:

  • Knocked-Out Teeth – If you’ve knocked out a tooth, we may be able to place your natural tooth back into your mouth if you act fast. Rinse off the tooth and place it into a container of saliva or milk. This seems strange, but it helps your tooth root stay alive. If we cannot save your natural tooth, we can fill in the gap with a dental implant or dental bridge.
  • Broken Teeth – We can use a dental crown to repair and protect your broken tooth. If you can, collect the pieces of your tooth and bring them with you. The dental crown can contain the pieces and restore your tooth.
  • Toothaches – In addition to making it difficult to eat, work, and sleep, toothaches can be harmful to your overall oral health. A common cause of toothaches is infected pulp inside your tooth, which can be removed during a root canal. We’ll make sure your tooth roots are fully cleaned, then we’ll seal your tooth for protection from bacteria.

Leaving a damaged tooth or a missing space in your mouth can lead to other health problems and more pain. Don’t take the risk. Call our skilled dentists at 941-585-0424 immediately if you are suffering from any dental emergencies in Punta Gorda. Dr. Martin and our team are ready to help! For non-emergency needs, you can also request an appointment online.