Our Punta Gorda Teeth Whitening Will Dramatically Improve Your Smile

Our teeth whitening in Punta Gorda is a quick, easy, and safe way to boost your self-esteem. Our patients love how simple the treatment is and how confident it makes them feel.

At Smiles of Punta Gorda, Dr. Martin and Dr. Ramke offer the Opalescence professional take-home whitening system, which comfortably brightens your smile. You may be tempted to grab over-the-counter teeth whitening “solutions,” but trust us – it’s better to talk to us first. We’ll make sure Opalescence whitening is best for your smile and ensure its lasting results. This treatment can help you:

  • Feel confident in all your interpersonal interactions
  • Earn more respect at work
  • Feel better about yourself overall
  • Look younger, more successful, and more attractive

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Whiten Your Teeth Comfortably at Home

Here’s how your whitening treatment will work:

  • We’ll first perform a brief examination of your mouth to make sure you’re a good candidate for professional teeth whitening.
  • We’ll then take impressions to create custom trays that perfectly fit your smile.
  • Once your trays are ready, we’ll send you home with them and your Opalescence whitening gel. This gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which maintain the health of your teeth while reducing sensitivity and making your smile sparkle. The gels also come in different concentrations, and we’ll choose the best option for you based on how much brighter you want your smile.
  • You can wear your trays day or night while the gel works its magic. Depending on the concentration, your take-home whitening treatment could require 8 to 10 hours (max) or as little as 30 minutes a day for only a week or two.

We’ll provide advice to keep both your teeth and trays in great shape during the whitening process. We’ll also encourage you to visit us after your treatment for regular cleanings to maintain your bright and shiny smile.

Your beautiful new smile is waiting with Punta Gorda teeth whitening! Call us today at 941-585-0424 to schedule an appointment.