Invest in Orthodontics For a Healthier Smile

If you or a teenage family member are ready to straighten your smile, Invisalign short-term orthodontics can help. No embarrassment, no aggravation – just fast and effective results. That’s why we continue to proudly provide them at our Punta Gorda, FL dentist office.

These clear, removable aligners are customized to gently shift your teeth over time. Actually, a much shorter period of time than traditional metal braces, in many cases. Punta Gorda, FL dentist, Dr. Martin, is a Certified Invisalign Provider, so he can quickly determine whether Invisalign is right for you or a loved one.

Invisalign aligners have done wonders for many of our patients. Too many people deal with chewing issues and public anxiety that a crooked or misshapen smile can cause. Invisalign is a safe and simple solution for correcting both of those problems.

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Get Straighter Teeth with Invisalign Short-Term Orthodontics

We’ll first perform a thorough examination of your mouth, including using digital X-rays to diagnose the condition of your teeth and gums. These images help us see exactly what is going on with each tooth to determine if Invisalign Orthodontics is the best teeth-straightening option for you.

From there, we’ll make a digital impression of your mouth to create a customized set of nearly invisible aligners. These aligners will gradually begin to straighten your teeth so you experience the least amount of discomfort. You can remove them when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Every two weeks, you’ll be ready to switch to a new set of aligners that will continue improving your smile. These will be created for you at the very beginning of your treatment. We’ll perform regular checkups to monitor your progress, usually every four to six weeks.

Invisalign orthodontics treatment typically takes only one year. In the meantime, you will be comfortably gaining a brand-new smile without anyone knowing!

Along the way, we will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

Nervous To Visit The Dentist? Don’t Be.

Make no mistake, your comfort is a top priority. We want your smile to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. We also want you to feel perfectly at ease being in any of our chairs so you’re always happy to let us help. We even offer headphones if you’d like to relax with some music while we take care of you.

See If Invisalign Orthodontics Is Right For You!

Call us today at 941-585-0424 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Martin and the rest of us at Smiles of Punta Gorda want you to benefit from the easy and effective results of Invisalign. You can also fill out our simple online form to schedule an appointment.

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