Cosmetic Dental Procedures For A New Year [Blog]

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It’s hard living with a smile you don’t like. Stains, hairline cracks, gummy smiles, and misaligned teeth can make it hard for you to feel like smiling. A bad smile can make you lose self-esteem and even keep you out of certain jobs.

The new year is a time for resolutions and improvements, so call Dr. Martin today at 941-585-0424 and make an appointment. With all the cosmetic dental procedures available at our Punta Gorda dental office, you can find the right fixes so your smile makes you proud and happy.  

Get Cosmetic Dental Procedures

You feel better when your smile is healthy, bright, and beautiful. That’s why Dr. Martin is highly trained in several cosmetic dentistry treatments. This way, you can get the procedure you need for your unique smile.

Here are some of what you can get and how they help improve your smile.

  • Are your teeth unaligned or crooked? You don’t have to get unsightly metal braces anymore! Instead, you can get Invisalign clear plastic aligners. They discreetly and comfortably move your teeth so your smile looks amazing.
  • Did years of drinking coffee or tea discolor your teeth? Opalescence is a proven system to whiten your teeth and help you feel confident when you smile. You can even use this teeth whitening system in the comfort of your own home!
  • Are your gums the problem? Dr. Martin is trained in the pinhole technique and gum grafts to make sure your smile has the right balance between teeth and gums. No more gummy smiles!
  • Need help with stains, worn edges, and chips or cracks? Dental veneers seal and cover imperfections so your teeth look amazing as soon as they are placed.
  • Want a more affordable cosmetic dental procedure? Tooth bonding uses a durable, tooth-colored material to hide stains and fill in any chips or cracks.
  • And if you have many things you want to fix, a smile makeover from Dr. Martin can transform your smile into one you’ll love.

Become Proud of Your Smile

Why should you worry about how your smile looks? In a perfect world, people would never judge based on your looks. But in the real world, this happens. That’s why it can be embarrassing to show teeth with stain, cracks, and more.

Getting cosmetic dental procedures can build your self-esteem. You know how confident you feel when wearing a great outfit? That’s how you can feel with a beautiful smile. Just knowing your teeth are bright and healthy-looking can build your self-esteem and confidence.

In addition, cosmetic dentistry can help make your teeth stronger and healthier. For example, teeth that are not in the right position can grind away enamel when you bite down. A discreet orthodontic treatment like Invisalign can stop that grinding and help protect your teeth. And any hairline crack will likely get worse after years of chewing, so dental veneers can seal up those cracks and stop them from growing.

The new year really is a great time to renew your smile. Call Smiles of Punta Gorda today at 941-585-0424 or contact us through our online form. After all, you deserve to feel good about your teeth.

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