Fall can be a whole lot of fun, especially with all the seasonal food that’s afoot in Punta Gorda. Whether you are trying a new restaurant, cooking at home, or getting together with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, you ought to be able to eat the foods that you love. If you can’t, then nothing will feel like fun until you finally take the necessary steps to remedy that situation. This is the acceptable time to take care of missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures, once and for all. Trying to bite and chew doesn’t have to be a hassle, or cause humiliation. None of these problems will continue to apply to you if you get a restorative dentistry solution like dental implants from Smiles of Punta Gorda. We’ll make it easy to take back your life. Your first step toward a healthier, stronger smile is simply calling 941-585-0424 to visit our Punta Gorda, FL dental office. In the meantime, keep reading to hear about our modern tooth loss treatment.

Eat What You Like Whenever You Want

It goes without saying that if you have lost teeth, you won’t be able to bite or chew with the same kind of force that you once had. However, you don’t have to go on living that way. By getting implant-supported dentures or bridges, you can rebuild your smile and put back the power in your bite.

Once you have implants to support your restorations, you are able to eat naturally and normally again. You also won’t need any adhesive to hold your teeth in place. That can make a difference in what you put on your plate at the next family gathering and in whether you feel comfortable speaking when you meet someone new. Implants will hold your restorations securely in position, so you don’t wonder if or when they might fall out.

Take Control Back

Dental implants essentially take the place of the roots that are missing. Like real roots, implants are embedded directly in your jawbone. That holds them in place, and it creates a connection from your jaw to your replacement teeth. They become part of your body, basically.

This organic connection allows you to generate almost as much power when you bite as someone with a complete set of healthy teeth. From a practical standpoint, it’s the reason you can eat anything you want with your implant-supported dentures or dental bridge.

Call Today To Build A Strong Smile For Tomorrow

Dental implants are really an investment in your quality of life. They can improve your day-to-day existence, so you can spend more time enjoying the moment and less time worrying about what you can or can’t eat. Plus, you’ll look better and likely live longer. You can’t put a price on those sort of intangibiles. If you are ready, call our Punta Gorda, FL office today at 941-585-0424 or fill out our online form for your consultation appointment.