How are you feeling about your smile this fall? If stains, cracks, extended gums, and misaligned teeth are making you lose self-esteem, or holding you back at work and at play, we can help you turn things around quickly with one of our smile makeover solutions. To get started, reach out to Dr. Martin today at 941-585-0424 and make an appointment. In the meantime, check out all the cosmetic dental procedures that are available at our Punta Gorda dental office. We are confident that you can find just the right one for your current needs and budget.

Change Your Life For The Better

We all crave a smile that is healthy, bright, and beautiful. That’s why Dr. Martin is trained in several cosmetic dentistry treatments. Here are some examples of what you can get and how such steps can help improve your smile.

  • If your teeth unaligned or crooked, you can get Invisalign clear plastic aligners. They discreetly and comfortably move your teeth so your smile looks amazing.
  • If your teeth are discolored, Opalescence is a trusted system we can use to whiten your teeth and help you feel confident when you smile. You can even use this teeth whitening system in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer.
  • If your gums the problem, Dr. Martin is trained in the pinhole technique and can also utilize gum grafts to make sure your smile has the right balance between teeth and gums. No more gummy smiles!
  • If you have worn-down edges, and chips or cracks, dental veneers can cover imperfections so your teeth look spectacular again.
  • If you want to ease into the cosmetic dentistry world, Tooth bonding uses a durable, tooth-colored material to hide stains and fill in any chips or cracks.
  • If you have many different things you want to fix, a special smile makeover from Dr. Martin can transform your smile into whatever it needs to be.

Try The Area’s Go-To Place For Cosmetic Dentistry

There are always going to be reasons for putting off your transformation. But when you think about it, there couldn’t be a better way to invest in your own happiness, confidence, and success. If you don’t know where to begin, we can help you figure it all out when you visit us for a smile makeover consultation. Remember, we can always combine any of the services above to fully transform your smile! We’ll use digital photos and create a “wax-up,” a highly detailed model of your mouth, to help you envision your improved smile before we begin. All you have to do right now is call Smiles of Punta Gorda today at 941-585-0424 or contact us through our online form. After all, you are worth it!