Today we want to talk about bad breath. This can be embarrassing, we know, especially when it involves a chronic condition known as halitosis. But we want you to understand that this is a common nuisance for which we can provide treatments, advice, and product recommendations so that your smile can return to normal ASAP. That’s precisely why we want to go ahead and share our suggestions for getting a handle on bad breath. Keep reading, and then be sure to call 941-585-0424 to request your next dental appoinment in Punta Gorda, FL.

Mints Are Never The Answer

Sure, when you sense a foul taste taking hold after a meal, it’s easy enough to pop in a mint, cover up the undesirable flavor, and go on about your day. That’s why so many restaurants offer them on the way out the door. The problem is that most mints are full of sugar. After the mint has dissolved in your mouth, all that lingers is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems.

Flossing Is Key

Here’s something to think about: overcoming chronic bad breath is actually a matter of destroying bacteria. Brushing is a good place to start. But flossing is an even better weapon in this ongoing war. You should attempt to floss twice a day or more to drive bacteria out from the hard-to-get regions in-between your teeth.

Work On Your Tongue

Most people forget to pay attention to their tongue when they are working on their daily hygiene routine. But if you are afflicted with chronic bad breath, you should take some time to scrape and brush your tongue twice a day. Do it when you brush and floss! It will really make a difference.

Drink Water, Then Repeat

This is a great idea any time. Water is so good for you in general. Beyond that, we now know that keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best things you can do to ward off bad breath. This is because saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth that is causing the bad breath. In order for saliva to be produced, you need to drink enough water. If you can find water with fluoride that is all to the good.

Visit Dr. Martin This Summer

At our office, your dental checkup will always involve intensive teeth cleanings, and we will perform an oral exam to survey the overall condition of your mouth, checking for any signs of trouble, and offering solid and affordable solutions to whatever comes along. If you are making an effort to see us every 3-6 months, there won’t be much of an opportunity for issues such as bad breath to get a head start.

We hope you have found this information to be helpful. Whether you are currently in need of a bad breath treatment, or simply wish to prevent that condition from happening, all you have to do now is call Dr. Martin and Smiles of Punta Gorda today at 941-585-0424 to request your next easy appointment in Punta Gorda, FL. Our office manager, Lynda, is always happy to help you with any questions.