There are tens of millions of adults and teens in the United States who would love to have straight teeth and a gorgeous smile. What stops them is the idea of wearing metal braces for two years or even longer. Metal braces do an excellent job of moving teeth, but they come with a host of drawbacks. Fortunately, Invisalign® clear dental aligners from Dr. Jeremy Martin at Smiles of Punta Gorda will straighten your teeth comfortably and quickly.

The Problems With Braces

The problem with metal braces is, well, the fact that they’re made from metal. People who wear braces often complain of their tongues, gums, and the insides of their cheeks being irritated or even cut by all that metal in their mouths.

While some braces are available with tooth colored brackets that are affixed to the fronts of teeth, and connected by tooth-colored wires, those brace are still quite noticeable. And they’re still made of metal.

Traditional braces often come with a number of food restrictions, things that people just shouldn’t eat when wearing braces. And it’s difficult to clean thoroughly around the braces. In fact, the first thing that most people ask for when braces come off – usually halfway through treatment – is a toothbrush so they can brush their teeth thoroughly!

Speaking of treatment, metal braces can take two to three years to complete their work. That’s a long time to live with the disadvantages.

Discover Invisalign®

Invisalign® clear dental aligners avoid all the disadvantages of metal braces. Treatment is usually complete within 12 months rather than 24 months or longer. Your treatment course may be shorter or longer depending on your situation.

The clear aligners are made from a smooth plastic that will not irritate the insides of your mouth. Invisalign aligners are very hard for someone else to detect while you’re wearing them, which means you can laugh and smile with confidence. Not only that, but the snugly-fitting aligners are removable! You can take them off to eat, to care for your teeth as you always do, and even for special occasions.

Oh, and there are no food restrictions with Invisalign. Eat all the foods you love!

Roughly every two weeks, you switch to the next aligners in your completely customized, created-for-you series. The transition from one aligner to the next is quite comfortable; most patients describe nothing more than a slight feeling of pressure that they quickly get used to.

For best results, wear Invisalign aligners for about 22 hours each day. The clear plastic fits so snugly over your teeth that you can sleep with them in place without worrying them coming loose – during sleep or at any time.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

Invisalign can treat a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. With that said, there’s no way to know whether Invisalign is the right solution to straighten your teeth without an examination from Dr. Jeremy Martin at Smile of Punta Gorda in Punta Gorda, FL.

When you schedule an Invisalign consultation, Dr. Martin will perform a thorough examination including digital X-rays. If Invisalign is right for you, he’ll take measurements to guide the dental laboratory in creating your aligners.

Get started by calling our Punta Gorda, FL office at 941-585-0424 today. The straight teeth and confident smile you’ve always wanted are waiting.