All the summer fun is about to come to an end. In fact, school may already be back in session by the time you read this. That means getting the kids to and from school, organizing all their afterschool activities, attending their games, and much more!

Smiles of Punta Gorda knows what it’s like to have busy schedules this time of year. That’s why it’s all the more important to choose a Punta Gorda family dentist who values your time by offering what your family needs.

To see how we can help your family’s smiles this school year and beyond, call 941-585-0424. Then take a minute or two to read about a few services to boost your kids’ smiles, all in one location.

Set the Foundation of Healthy Smiles with Dental Cleanings & Exams

Dr. Martin has two daughters and understands the importance of keeping young smiles healthy! That’s one of the reasons we start seeing children around age 5. Whether your child is going to school for the first time or will be heading off to college this year, regular checkups are key to excellent oral health – and proud smiles.

You likely know the drill with cleanings and exams. Smiles of Punta Gorda takes special care with our young smiles to ensure your children will emerge with cleaner, healthier teeth!

  • Our X-rays and thorough exams make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to oral problems like cavities.
  • We spend enough time with cleanings to get your children’s teeth sparkling, yet we’re as gentle as possible.
  • Kids enjoy listening to music with headphones while we take care of their mouths.
  • Your younger kiddos will love getting a prize at the end of their appointment! If it’s your child’s first dental visit, they’ll get a photo to commemorate this special milestone!
  • Sealants and fluoride treatments provide extra protection against bacteria, which easily accumulates on younger teeth that aren’t brushed or flossed as thoroughly as adult teeth often are.
  • We are here to answer questions! Whether your child is curious about their mouth or whether you would like some advice on getting them to brush better, we’re patient and willing to help.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Repair Teeth Quickly & Beautifully

Whether your child is 5 or 15, it’s important for them to have a strong sense of confidence. That includes their appearance, and their smile is part of that. Decayed teeth can harm their self-esteem, but so can the fillings that fix them.

Look – we understand that cavities happen. We can help lower the likelihood with regular checkups, but about 90 percent of people will get cavities at some point. So, we only use composite fillings that match your child’s tooth. They won’t have to worry about silver fillings showing through. And you won’t have to feel like you’ve somehow neglected your child’s oral care when they smile with a discreet filling rather than a metal one.

We’ll numb your child’s mouth before we place the filling. Our patients tell us all the time that we’ve done the most painless job numbing their mouth than any other dentist they’ve been to.

Invisalign Is the Clear Choice for Straightening Teeth

Though traditional metal braces are usually best for kids, teens appreciate that we offer Invisalign. In many cases, these clear orthodontic aligners can do the same work as braces but with less hassle. If your older teen is responsible enough to follow our care instructions, consider this alternative to braces.

Invisalign means:

  • NO embarrassment over food being stuck in their braces – the aligners are removed for meals!
  • NO diet restrictions!
  • NO selfies and prom pictures with metal braces showing!
  • NO discomfort from metal scratching their mouths or from wires breaking.
  • NO time with braces for years, for many patients, as Invisalign takes an average of a year or so to straighten teeth.
  • NO constant visits for wire adjustments – there are no wires!

Dr. Martin is a certified provider of Invisalign. He can help determine whether your teen will benefit from this treatment.

Yes, We Extract Wisdom Teeth Too!

Older teens have another unique dental concern – wisdom teeth. As your child gets older, we’ll keep a careful eye on these teeth at each exam. Although some people don’t need their wisdom teeth removed, we recommend it if there’s a higher chance of pain, crowding, and problems like decay.

Enjoy the Benefits for All Your Family’s Smiles

All these services can provide just as much benefit to you as it can to your children! Our comprehensive Punta Gorda family dentist office caters to busy families who want one place to go for their care.

Call 941-585-0424 if you’re ready for convenience and comfort from your nearby dentist. You can also request visits online. Our office, located just off Tamiami Trail, takes several insurance plans and accepts CareCredit financing.